Copyright FAQs

  • What can be protected by copyright?  Original works of authorship such as photographs, paintings, books, plays, sculptures, computer programs and other artistic works.
  • What cannot be protected by copyright?  Useful articles cannot be protected.  Forms, names of products, titles of works, catchwords, slogans, short advertising expressions and listings of ingredients, such as in a recipe.
  • Why should I register my copyright?  Registration creates a presumption that the registrant is the owner, allows the registrant alone to make copies, and permits the award of statutory damages and attorney fees in appropriate instances.
  • What does the application cost?  The fee is between $35 and $55.
  • How long does the registration process take?  Registration typically takes about one year, although it may be as soon as a week upon payment of an additional fee.
  • How much are statutory damages?  For non-willful infringement between $750 and $30,000 per work.  Willful infringement may be $150,000.00.

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