Maurice W. Haff, Patent Agent

Maurice W Haff
Practice Specialties
  • Counseling
Industry Experience
  • Mechanical & Construction
  • Technology

Director, Patent Strategy & Monetization/Registered Patent Agent

Maurice Haff brings to the firm 38 years experience in advanced technology development, management, consulting and entrepreneurship; including fostering creativity and innovation, implementing inventive process results, engineering business processes, developing business focused IP monetization strategy, and producing new products. Concomitantly, his twelve plus years of patent development and portfolio management experience has included creating innovative concepts, harvesting innovation from system engineering processes, and translating complex concepts into USPTO specification language. He is experienced in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in internet, network, authentication, communication, e-commerce, and cryptographic arts, responding to USPTO Official Actions, infringement and validity studies, and negotiating patent purchase agreements. In addition, Mr. Haff is the primary named inventor on three U. S. patents, five international patents, and numerous pending applications addressing trusted net-centric communications, distributed file storage and retrieval, and applications of electronic postmarking in transaction authentication.


Mr. Haff is a Registered Patent Agent admitted to practice before the United States Patent Office (Reg. No. 62224). He joined Berenato & White from the patent law firm White + Quinn, P.C., where he developed strategies for harvesting ideas for patenting, accelerating patent rights formation, implementing streamlined patent application authoring, and addressing the policy problem of improvidently granted patents. Mr. Haff provides IP Consulting inlcuding portfolio development, invention disclosure, technical support for application preparation and response to USPTO Official Actions, and patent formation and monetization strategy. He provides consulting for management, business development, and technical staff to create and strengthen value propositions for core technologies, develop intellectual property formation strategies, create marketable product embodiments, and build business focused patent portfolios for commercialization, licensing, and monetization. Mr. Haff was an invited speaker at the Law Seminars International Best Practices in Patent Monetization Seminar, San Francisco, CA in January 2009.

Mr. Haff received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1970. He received his Master of Science degree in Management Engineering in 1975 and his MBA in International Business in 1980, both from The George Washington University. Mr. Haff started and successfully operated three corporations engaged in technology and consumer products, as well as served in executive and management positions in advanced technology companies. Positions, responsibilities, and authority have ranged from that of a research and development engineer to corporate President and CEO. He successfully led innovative technologies development and business process reengineering in R&D and consulting environments, addressing areas such as Trusted Information Exchange, electronic transaction authentication, net-centric enterprise level information sharing, mesh network architectures, cross-domain boundary protections, and trusted interconnections in peer-to-peer edge networks. Mr. Haff developed novel concepts and products for secure, distributed storage and authenticated retrieval of information in a horizontally integrated, net-centric environment, resulting in issued U. S. Patent 7,263,528. He has extensive experience in Federal Government markets, such as the Department of Defense, the Social Security Administration (SSA), General Services Administration (GSA), Indian Health Service, and U.S. Postal Service, including contract and license negotiation and management.